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Anest Iwata

Reciprocating Lubricated Air Compressor


  • Special Honing of Cylinders results in:
  • Low friction between cylinders and piston rings.
  • High durability due to less wear & tear of parts
  • Continous and heavy duty operation

Dynamic balancing of bare compressor components brings in:

  • Low noise and vibration levels.
  • Easy installation.

Lubricated Compressor Catalog

Reciprocating 100% Oil Free Air Compressors



Our unique Seizure Free technology ensures that the compressors can withstand continuous use under high temperature (upto 300°C) and possess high resistance to extreme environments. A heat resistant and thermosetting composite resin has replaced the conventional rider ring technology, which used to give inconsistent operation and often resulted in seizure.


  • Low noise and vibration levels.
  • Easy installation
  • Continuous and heavy duty operation
  • Cost efficiency.

All performance parameters are as per JIS standards. | Optional tank & base frame capacities are also available. | As product development is a continuous process with us, specifications may change without notice. | Vertical tanks are also available from 500 ltrs. to 3000 ltrs.

100% Oil-free Compressor Catalog

FS Curtis

SCREW Compressors

FS Curtis screw compressors is the answer to your compressed air needs.

Big things come in small packages and FS Curtis SEM Series air compressors deliver big performance in a compact design. Built to handle continuous duty in tough conditions, the SEM series efficiently produces stable air pressure with a high flow of quality air. SEM series compressors save time and money through easy-to-use controls, simple diagnostics and reduced maintenance. For quiet, steady performance and all the power you need, count on dependable FS-Curtis SEM series air compressors.

Screw Air Comp

Standard features are -

  • Powder coated painted enclosure
  • Laminated oil-proof sound insulation
  • Four keyed side panels
  • Washable cabinet pre-filtration panels
  • AIMS alphanumeric controller
  • BSA airend
  • 24VDC control voltage tranformer
  • Spin-on oil filter
  • High efficiency air/oil separator
  • Premium TEFC (IP55) motor
  • Wye-Delta motor starter
  • Multi function inlet valve
  • Closed inlet starting
  • Multi function discharge valve
  • Vibration isolators
  • Factory fill synthetic lubricant
  • Air cooled oil cooler and aftercooler

Optional equipment-

  • Moisture Separator
  • Air dryer
  • Air filters
  • Air receivers

Download Catalog here- 02_SEG–SEM-LEAFLET_updated_03-03-2014

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