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Reciprocating Lubricated Air Compressor


  • Special Honing of Cylinders results in:
  • Low friction between cylinders and piston rings.
  • High durability due to less wear & tear of parts
  • Continous and heavy duty operation

Dynamic balancing of bare compressor components brings in:

  • Low noise and vibration levels.
  • Easy installation.

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Reciprocating Oil Free Air Compressors



Our unique Seizure Free technology ensures that the compressors can withstand continuous use under high temperature (upto 300°C) and possess high resistance to extreme environments. A heat resistant and thermosetting composite resin has replaced the conventional rider ring technology, which used to give inconsistent operation and often resulted in seizure.


  • Low noise and vibration levels.
  • Easy installation
  • Continuous and heavy duty operation
  • Cost efficiency.

All performance parameters are as per JIS standards. | Optional tank & base frame capacities are also available. | As product development is a continuous process with us, specifications may change without notice. | Vertical tanks are also available from 500 ltrs. to 3000 ltrs.

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