Hydraulics Valves Pumps And Motors

k7-1 Hydraulic Cylinders Series HMI and HMD
HMI-ISO 6020/2 standard,210 bar HMD-DIN 24 554 standard, 210 bar Bore sizes 25-200mm Tie rod cylinders for  heavy duty applications.
k7-2 Hydraulic Cylinders Special Cylinders
Paker’s Cylinder Division designs and manufactures special cylinders to meet customers’ unique  requirements.
k7-3 Hydraulic Cylinders Series 2H
NFPA standard,210 bar Bore sizes 38.1-304.8mm Tie rod cylinders for heavy duty applications.
k7-4 HTR, LTR & PTR Series Rotary Actuators
HTR-210 BAR HYDRAULIC,max OUTPUT TORQUE 68000 Nm LTR-70 bar hydraulic, max output torque 2350 Nm PTR-18 bar pneumatic, max output torque 560 Nm.
k7-5 Hydraulic Cylinders Series 3L and 3E
3L-NFPA standard ,70 bar 3L-Bore sizes 25.4-203.2mm 3E-CNOMO standard,80 bar 3E-Bore sizes 32-125mm Tie rod cylinders for medium duty applications.
k7-6 Hydraulic Cylindres with Electrical Feedback and Position Indicators
Various types of electronic position &velocity feedback devices are offered for use with proportional and servo valves. Electrical and mechanical position indicators signal when end of stock is reached.
k7-7 Pneumatic Cylinders Series 2A
NFPA standard,18 bar Bore sizes 25.4-355.6mm Tie rod cylinders with steel tube for heavy duty air applications.
k7-8 Safety Rod Locking Devices
Fail-safe locking device clamps piston rod if pressure is lost. For tie rod cylinders, bore sizes 32-160mmm. Load holding capacity
k7-9 Hydraulic Cylinders Series MMA
ISO 6022 standard,250 bar DIN 24 333 Standard,250 bar Bore sizes 50-320 mm ‘Roundline’ cylinders for heavy- duty applications.
k7-10 Piston Accumulators
Working presssures upto 210 and 350 bar. Capacities upto 190 liters. Certification to all major standards. Piston accumulators improve efficiency by stablising and  supplementing pump delivery.
k7-11 Hydraulic Cylinders Series MMB
ISO 6020/1 Standard,160 bar Bore sizes 40-332MM ‘Roundline’ cylinders for heavy duty applications.
k7-12 Bladder Accumulators
Working pressure upto 420 bar. Capacities upto 50 liters. Certification to all major standards. Bladder accumulators improve efficiency by stablising and supplementing pump delivery.
k7-13 Directional control vavles for constant flow system
Series HV07,F130CF,H170CF. 1-12 sections. Flow from 20 to 170 I/min, pressures upto 320 bar. Hand and remote operated spools available. Integrated valve functions.
k7-14 Hydraulic Cylindres
All types of cylinders are available in sizes upto max. diameter 200mm and stroke 2800mm. A large  number of optional functions can be built into cylinders to give many variants of both standard and customized units.
k7-15 Directional Control Valves for Constant Pressure System
Series HV07 AND F150CP.1 to 12 sections. Flow from 20 to 150I/min, pressures upto 320 bar. Hand and remote operated spools available. Integrated valve functions.
k7-16 Truck Pump Series F1/F1 Plus/T1
Fixed pumps in sizes 20 to 110 cc/ rev. Twin Flow version available in 2 sizes. Very low weight. High self-priming speed. Easy to install. Same mounting face on all sizes. Easy to service.
k7-17 Directional Control Valves for Load Sensing System
Series L90LS,K170LS/K220 LS, HV08,M400 LS.1 to 10 sections. Flow from 10 to 300 I/min per section, presssures upto 320 bar. Both for fixed and variable pumps. Hand and remote operated spools available. Integrated valve functions.
k7-18 Load-Sensing Truck Pump Series VP1
For open loop systems. 2 sizes 45 and 75 cc/rev. Pressures upto 350 bar. Light and compact, easy to  install. Self-priming. Same mounting face as F1/T1.
k7-19 Hydraulic Remote Control Valves
Series PCL4. A complete range of levers consisting of linear levers, 1 to 6 sections, joystick levers and foot pedals. Both straight and ergonomic handles are available.
k7-20 Fixed Pumps/Motors Series F11
5 to 250 cc/rev. Pressures upto 420 bar. Very high motor operating speeds. Accept high external shaft loads. Good resistance to vibrations and temperature shocks. Proven reliability. Easy to service.
k7-21 Pneumatic remote control valves
Series VP04. A complete range of levers consisting of linear levers, 1 to 6 sections, joystick levers. Both straight and ergonomic handles are available.
k7-22 Fixed Pumps/Motors Series F12
5 sies 30 TO 110 cc/rev. Pressures upto 480 bar. Very high motor operating speeds. High startind torque and overall efficiency. Small envelope size. Accessory valves available. Proven reliability. Easy to service.
k7-23 Electro-Hydraulic Control System
Series EHC and IQAN. A complete range of products consisting of levers, amplifiers, master units and different types of service tools. Both analog and  digital concepts are available.
k7-24 Variable Motor Series V12
4 sizes 60 to 160 cc/rev. Displacement ratio 5:1. Pressures upto 480 bar. Very high power capability. High starting torque. Very high operating speeds. Low weight. Exceptional overall efficiency. Also available for track drives, series T12.
k7-25 Directional Control Valves Series D
5 sizes from NG 32. Flow up to 2000 I/min,350 bar. Manifold mounting according to DIN, ISO, CEPTOP, NFPA. Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical actuation.
k7-26 Low Watt Directional Control Valves
Electrical connection to DIN 43650 or M12x1 and DESINA version. Especially suitable for Bus system due to a low-current input. Service friendly through leakage free coil change.
k7-27 Proportional Valves Series D* FH
5 sizes from NG 6 to NG 32. Flow upto 2000 I/min,350 bar. Manifold mounting according to DIN. ISO, CETOP,NFPA. Interfaces with integrated electronics. High response for closed loop application.
k7-28 System Blocks
Customised system control manifolds. nominal sizes 10 to  100mm. Flow upto 10,000 I/min, 350 bar. Peak pressure 500 bar. Cast iron or steel block. Catridge or manifold mounted valves.
k7-29 Digital Electronics For Valve Amlifier
Digital and reproduible input signals,ramps,parameters. Double PWM amplifiers. Resolution of signal and actual valve <=  0.05%. High safety, compliant with EMV specifications. RS 232 serial interface. For electrohydraulic axis regulators.
k7-30 Sandwih Type Manapak Valves
4 sizes NG 6 to NG 25. Upto 350 bar. RM pressure relief valve. PRM pressure reduction valve, FM flow control valve, CM directly operated check valve, CPOM pilot-poerated check valve.
k7-31 Pressure, Flow and Check Valves
4 sizes for NG 6 to NG 32. Flow upto 350 I/min,350 bar. Manifold mounting,mechanically adjustable, electrically dischargeable or proportionally adjustable through integrated or externl electronics.
k7-32 Pressure Switches
Flange and threaded connection. Switching pressure range 3-40, 10-100,10-160,20-250 bar. Pressure capability 315 bar. Adjustment with hollow hex screw or scaled knob. AC/DC power supply. Optional locking knob.
k7-33 Flow Control,Metering and Shut-Off Valves
Manatrol colorflow series. 9 sizes from 1/8″ to 2″ BSP. Flow upto 600 I/min,350 bar. Inline and manifold mounting.
k7-34 Pressure Intensifiers
Mounting pattern NG 6. Check valves NG 6 and NG 10 with subplate mounting option. Maxi-mum pressure upto 500 bar. Transmission ratio 1:2 and 1:4. Continuous flow increase with minor pulsation effect.
k7-35 Slip-in Cartridge Valves Series CE and C,2 Way
DIN 24342 8 sizes NG 16 to NG 100. Flow up to 10,000 I/min,350 bar. Modular construction system for pilot valves and cartridges. Also as safety valves with position control.
k7-36 Threaded Cartridge Valves Series PTC
Directional, pressure,flow and shut-off valves. Housing optional. 5 sizes up to 250 I/min,210 bar. Solenoid or proportional actuation. Industrial and mobile applications.
k7-37 High Performance Axial Piston Pumps
Series PV.4.11 sizes 16 to 270 cc/rev,350 bar. Speed max 2750 min-1. Single and multiple pumps. Wide range of control options. Low noise. For industrial and mobile
k7-38 Low Speed Hydraulic
Motors- Gerotor System
Displacement            45…..960 cc/rev
Torque                         …..1490 Nm
Speed                          …..940min-1
Pressure                      …..280 bar
Performance                …..33kW
Side loads                   …30000 N
k7-39 Medium Duty Axial Piston Pumps
Series PVP and PAVC. 6 sizes 16 to 140 cc/rev, 250 bar. Speed up to 3,000 min-1 Single and multiple pumps. Wide range of control options. Industrial and mobile applications.
k7-40 Hydrostatic Steering units
Series HGF,HGA&HGB. Sizes 54 to 1967 cc/rev. Operating pressure upto 210 bar,used for off-highway vehicles.
k7-41 Axial Piston Pumps
Series p2 and p3 wide range of control options. 4 sizes,60 to 145 cc/rev, 137 bar. Speed upto 3000 min-1.Low noise,modular design. Standard and Super charged version available. Single & multiple pumps.
k7-42 High Speed – Hydraulic Motors
Series M2/M4.
Displacement        3-90 cc/rev.
Speed                    upto 5000 rpm
Pressure                200 bar
k7-43 Gear Pumps & Motor Series -PGP&PGM
Cast iron & Aluminium design. 0.8 to 200 cc/rev,275 bar, speed up to 3500 min-1. Single & Tandem pumps for industrial & mobile applications.
k7-44 Directional Control Valve
Open centre/closed centre Flow- 15-400 lpm Hand & remote  operations available.
k7-45 Compact Power Units
Flow-1-11 lpm AC& DC motors. Single direction or bi-directional Reservoir Size 1-20 litres
k7-46 Power units to Customer Specifications
Complete systems with Capacity from 60 to 10,000 liters. Reservoirs to DIN specifications. Customised specials possible.
k7-47 Servo Valves Series BD
10 sizes from 1 GPM to 40 GPM 210 bar,>50 Hz reduced contaminant sensitivity linear flow gain characteristics explosion proof and intrinsically safe options available high resolution FM,CSA,ATEX certification
k7-48 Series SE
0.5 GPM to 60 GPM UP TO 315 bar,>170Hz Medium and high performance Sapphire technology Jewel feed back ball for durability