Industrial Composite Pipe (ICP – FR) with Fibre Reinforcement Technology

icp-fr-pipes-catalogue-2-lAnjney Group is in manufacturing of industrial piping deliberate since last 17 years and has its own place in the market. With a vision to upgrade an existing product and to develop new innovative product according to application, Anjney has developed ICP FR Composite Pipes and Fitting. These pipes have a unique glass fibre reinforcement layer in between providing greater strength, longer life, superior durability and a zero leakage loss guarantee.

The FR composite technology is now available for fluid as well as compressed air applications. According to international conventions the pipes for compressed air are available in blue color and the pipes for water are available in green color.



By the continuous efforts in enhancing HDPE Pipes and Special and after the detailed observation with a view to provide better solution to our valuable clients, the Company developed PPRC Heat Saving Pipes and Fittings.

Taking in to consideration all industrial applications, problems faced in other pipes and upgrading PPRC Heat Saving Pipes, as a result; Anjney has taken an initiative by introducing ICP FR Composite Pipes in india.


  • Sanwich Fiber Layer
  • Least Heat Loss
  • Sage Free Esthetic View
  • Up to 40% lesser Insulation
  • Leack Proof Socket Fusion Joint


  • FRP Coating
  • High Hill Loss
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Heavy Insulation
  • Leackage & Pressure Drop

Process Lines Utility Lins
Sulfuric Acid Diluted Line D.M. Water Line
Nitric Acid ETP Line
HCL 33% WTP Line
Solvent Stress Line Raw Water Distribution
Caustic Soda Line R.O. Water Distribution
Scrubber Line Soft Water Distribution
Condensate Line Purified Water Distribution


Application Areas:icp-fr-pipes-catalogue-3-ll

  • Highest-Lowest (-10°C to 110°C) temperature application
  • Highly corrosive fluid & chemicals application
  • Replacing all Metal Pipelines & Lined Piping
  • Replacing all PP-FRP, PVC-FRP and FRP Coated Pipelines


Energy Saving Solutions

  • Least RA Value leading to minor Friction Loss
  • Socket fusion joining prevent Leaking and Pressure Drop
  • Insignification Heat Loss leads to Temperature and Energy Saving
  • Sandwich FRP decrease Maintenance
  • Sag Free Piping saving Pump Energy


icp-fr-pipes-ctalogue-5-l icp-fr-pipes-ctalogue-5-ll icp-fr-pipes-ctalogue-5-lll icp-fr-pipes-ctalogue-5-iv
20 MM to 160 MM – PN20
ICP FR Pipes
20 MM to 160 MM – PN10, PN16, PN20
20 MM to 160 MM – PN20
Equal Tee
20 MM to 160 MM – PN20
icp-fr-pipes-ctalogue-5-v icp-fr-pipes-ctalogue-5-vi icp-fr-pipes-ctalogue-5-vii icp-fr-pipes-ctalogue-5-viii
Core Flange Long Neck Coller
20 MM to 160 MM – PN20
20 MM to 160 MM
End Cap
20 MM to 160 MM – PN20
Reducing Tee/Reducing Elbow
Available in sizes 20 MM to 160 MM

ICP FR Composite Pipe as per DIN 8077-78 & Fitting as per DIN 16962