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Lubrication of all types of O-ring seals is extremely important – for installation of all types, operation of moving and seating of static seals. The specific rule for installation is: The greatest benefit in using a lubricant is obtained during the installation of the O-ring.

Lubricants are commonly used on O-rings and other elastomeric seals. Using a grease or an oil at assembly helps protect the O-ring from damage by abrasion, pinching, or cutting. It helps seat the O-ring properly, speeds up assembly operations, and makes automated assembly line procedures possible. An additional benefit is the protection that the lubricant gives as a surface film. It helps protect some polymers from degradation by atmosphere, and its presence helps extend the service life of the O-ring. A lubricant is almost essential in pneumatic applications requiring dynamic service. In vacuum applications lubricants help reduce the leakage rate by filling the asperities of the metal. Parker Seal offers two lubricants that will satisfy most service needs. PARKER O-LUBE is an outstanding general purpose grease intended for use with seals that perform in hydrocarbon service. It can also be used in pneumatic service. Its useful temperature is -20° to +180°F(-29° to 82°C). PARKER SUPER-O-LUBE is an exceptional all purpose lubricant. It is not a grease, but a high viscosity silicone oil. It is especially useful as a seal lubricant. Its temperature range is – 65° to +400°F (- 54° to +204°C).

Parker Super-O-Lube can be used as an assembly lubricant on all rubber polymers, including silicones*. In addition Parker Super-O-Lube has some unique advantages. It clings tenaciously to the rubber or metal surface helping prevent it from being washed away easily by the system fluid. It has one of the most useful temperature ranges of any lubricant available. It can be used for high pressure systems or vacuums. Its inert nature lends itself to a wide variety of fluid systems. Since there are no fillers, there can be no clogging of microfilters.

In addition to its outstanding performance in service, Parker Super-O-Lube gives protection to rubber polymers that are normally age sensitive when exposed to the atmosphere. This is a typical concern with ozone sensitive polymers that require age control.


When part numbers are missing, seal dimensions are unknown, and the parts themselves are unavailable from the equipment OEM, these o-ring kits can save the day, not to mention hours of downtime. More than eight different standard kits give you a choice of compounds and o-ring sizes for a wide range of sealing applications. The end result? Multiple sealing solutions for the same cost as a single OEM replacement part. We’ll even build custom kits using any of our 200-plus compounds.


A unique measuring cone and circumference “Pi” tape provide quick and easy o-ring sizing information to determine the nearest standard Parker o-ring size. Please note: the cone and tape do not measure actual dimensions of a part and cannot be used for pass/fail inspections.

Part. No. PLSTC STD KIT E0515 – Compound E0515-80 EPR 80
durometer o-rings per NAS 1613 rev. 2 in 37 popular AS568 sizes / 513 o-rings

Part. No. PLSTC STD KIT N0552 – Compound N0552-90 NBR 90
durometer o-rings in 37 popular AS568 sizes / 513 o-rings

Part. No. PLSTC STD KIT N0674 – Compound N0674-70 NBR 70
durometer o-rings in 37 popular AS568 sizes / 513 o-rings

Part. No. PLSTC STD KIT V0747 – Compound V0747-75 FKM 75
durometer o-rings in 37 popular AS568 sizes / 513 o-rings

Part. No. PLSTC STD KIT V0884 – Compound V0884-75 FKM (brown)
75 durometer o-rings in 37 popular AS568 sizes / 513 o-rings2ring

Note: Boxes and plugs are available as separate items.

Part. No. N1470 AS568 KIT #1 – Compound N1470-70
NBR 70 durometer in 30 popular sizes / 382 o-rings

Part. No. N1470 METRIC KIT #1 – Compound N1470-70
NBR 70 durometer in 32 popular metric sizes / 372 o-rings

Part. No. N1490 BOSS KIT – Compound N1490-90
NBR 90 durometer in 20 standard tube fi tting sizes

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