k-pne22 Viking
G1/8 and G1/4 directional valves, pneumatically or electrically operated, with 5/2, 5/3 variants and hand or foot operated version. Highly recommended for mobile applications. G1/8 size features a modular sub-base system.
k-pne1 S.S.Mini Cylinders P1A
ISO standard cylinder. Ø 10-25mm max.10 bar. Standard options: adjustable cushioning, high / low temperature ,guided ,all stainless steel etc.Complete range of sensors and mountings.
k-pne2 Rodless Cylinders
P1R-Cylinder Ø 16-63mm, max 8 bar, strokes up to 4000mm. Several standard variants of carriage units and a wide range of accessories. P1Y-Com with built in guided carriage.
k-pne3 Aluminium Mini Cylinders P1L
Bore sizes Ø 20-100mm. Bumpers on both end standard. Options: High temperature, Double rod Type, Metric/Inch Threading, complete range of sensors & mountings.
k-pne4 Stainless Steel Cylinders P1S
All stainless steel double acting, diameter 10-125mm max. 10 bar. Adjustable cushioning. Clean design and lubricated with food industry grease.
k-pne5 Cylinders P1E
ISO/VDMA tie rod cylinder, Ø 32-200mm, max. 10 bar. Standard options: high/low temperature, locking device. gaiter, guided etc. Complete range of sensors/mountings.
k-pne6 Stainless Steel Airmotors P1VS
Sizes 120-1200W. Wide range of gears for different speed and torque.
k-pne7 Cylinders P1D
ISO/VDMA smooth profile cylinder, Ø 32-125mm, max.10 bar. Standard options: high/low temperature, locking device, gaiter, guided etc. Complete range sensors/mountings.
k-pne8 Airmotors P1V-A
Sizes 1600-3600W. Wide range of gears for different speed and torque.
k-pne9 Short Stroke Cylinders P1J
Cylinders Ø 12-63mm, max. 10 bar, strokes up to 100mm. Single/double acting with and without guiding. Complete range of sensors.
k-pne10 Grippers
Robotic and automation compact precision gripping devices which offer a high clamping force to weight ratio and a repeatability of 0.03 mm. The range comprises three types of gripper, parallel in 5 sizes and angular 180° in 3 sizes.
k-pne11 Rotary Actuators
5 sizes. Single and double configuration. Precision aluminium extruded body and vanes. Output torques to 70Nm at 6 bar.
k-pne12 ParFrame Structural Framing Systems
All aluminium metric profiles. Broad selection of metric connecting hardware and accessories for guards and machine frames.
k-pne13 Compact Guide Units P5T
ø 12-100 mm bore size integrated guidance Twin recirculating bearings. Cushioning & magnetic sensing standard, Flexible porting & mounting Standard strokes 10 to 200 mm.
k-pne14 Diaphragm/Piston Cylinders
Short Stroke high thrust design compact dimensions, Diaphragm or Piston Version, Single or double acting, Force upto 25000 N.
k-pne15 Short Stroke Units and Rod Guidance
Short stroke units for combination with 3D components, Ø 16 and 25mm. Rod-guidance for ISO cylinders. Ø 32-100mm. Low cost suitable for automation.
k-pne16 Bellows Series 9109
Sizes ø 70 to 660mm, stroke 65 to 430mm, upto triple convulsions, very high force and quick frictionless movement, maintenance free.
k-pne17 Flat Cylinders 10F-1
Sizes: ø 25, 32 and 50 mm, speed upto 500 mm/sec, non rotating oval piston design, sensing accessories available.
k-pne18 Pancake Cylinders C05
Sizes ø 8 to 63 mm, stroke upto 25mm, space saving design, minimum wearing parts, piston rod with internal thread, clean external design.
k-pne19 Directional Contract Valves
B Series Valves Featuring wear compensation system which offers fast response times, long cycle life and unlubricated operation. The range comprises 3 sizes: M5, G1/8 and G1/4 with 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 functions, Air or solenoid pilot available with a choice of inline or IEM manifold mounting.
k-pne20 3D Linear Units
Loads up to 100 kg, 3 sizes, 8 bar. Stroke up to 800mm. Precision axis with integrated sensors and hydraulic cushioning. With intermediate stop, mechanical or programmable. Full range of accessories.
k-pne21 PHS Valve
Solenoid/Pilot valves for Inline manifold use size: 1/8″-1/2″
k-pne23 Apollo
Directional sub-base valves to ISO 5599/1 and CNOMO. 3 sizes 1, 2, 3 pressure up to 16 bar. Sandwich flow control. Solid metallic construction make Apollo highly suitable for heavy duty industrial applications.
k-pne24 Adex Valves
Sizes M3, M5 & 1/8″ Compact body Large Flow, life more than 50 million cycles, Low Power Consumption pf 0.6 watts, Multipin connector option, Inline or subbase Mounting version avaliable 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 configuration available.
k-pne25 ISOMAX
High Tech ceramic technology, size 1/8″ to 1/2″ long life cycle above 100 operations, switching without seal, stiction free, short response time, low sensitivity to air quality changes, suitable for vacuum or pressure applications.
k-pne26 Direct Acting Valves WV/DKV
Size 1/4″ to 1″, Direct Acting, Brass Body, Suitable for Air/water/oil (below 50 cst)
k-pne28 Direct Acting valves A Series
Port size: 1/8″ to 1 1/4″, Direct operated solenoid, suitable for Vacuum Operation, Precision Lapped Spool & Sleeve (Metal seal), Long service Life, easy replacement of solenoid unit.
k-pne30 Flexflow
Sub-base valves serie to ISO 5599/1 size 1, 2, 3 & 4. Built-in adjustable exhaust flow control. Features hand actuation and spool position indicator.
k-pne32 Process Duty Buttons & Limit switches
a full range of buttons with modular construction that combines an extensive range of operating heads with full range of pneumatic and electric switches. 3 ranges of limit switches will provide solutions for virtually any limit switch application.
k-pne33 Control Accessories
A complete range of speed controllers, blockers, unloaders, optimisers, slow starters. Sizes from M5 to G1/2, instant connection or threaded connection. Monofuction or multifunction.
k-pne34 Heavy Duty Buttons and limit switches
M5, G1/8, G1/4-G1/2, in-line mounting. Pressure 10 bar G1/4 in spool design with 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 function. G3/8 and G 1/2 in poppet design 3/2 function. Special solenoids on request.
k-pne35 Vacuum
Over 100 suction cups in various materials and shapes. Wide array of generators from compact simple generators to multifunction units with built in latching, blow off, air conserving and electrical functions.
k-pne36 Flowstar
Sub-base valves conforming to VDMA 24563 and ISO 15407/1 size 18 and 26 mm. Suitable for food applications. Easy to assemble multiple manifold system.
k-pne37 Modular FRL’s
3 body sizes, ports G1/8 to G3/4, 10 bar. Complete modular system with filters, regulators, lubricators, filter/regulators, ball valves, manifolds, soft start/dump valves.
k-pne39 Stainless Steel FRLs
Size 1/4″, High Flow 10.85 dm3 /sec, stainless steel construction, handles most corrosive atmosphere, flurocarbon seals standard.
k-pne41 Tubes Fittings & Accessories
All variety of fittings-Metric, BSPP, BSPT, different body material, size M3, M5 and 1/8″ to 1/2″ for different tube connections, Nylon, Polyurathene, thermoplastic tubes from 4 to 16 mm OD, temp range -20° c to +60° c for different fluids.